"I believe that having empathy and being able to put yourself in another person's shoes is what makes for great design."

I am a trained strategic product designer, originally hailing from the city of Pune in India. I currently work in the Netherlands as a strategegic designer. My work entails combining the fuzzy front-end of the design process with emerging technologies to answer the question of what needs to be designed in the future.


Even as a child, I had a keen interest in (re)designing things around me, even though I had little knowledge about it as a profession. This led me to take up the Bachelor in Product Design. After graduation, I got a couple of years of work experience in India, where I quickly realized that apart from the actual tangible design, a successful product needs a backbone of thorough research in user needs and market analysis. The need to study this further brought me to Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands to study Strategic Product Design for my Masters. 

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